Why do cultures become toxic?  | On Demand Webinar

with dh coach|sultants, kelsey lotus wong & RON MANDEL

Learn how to recognize the signs of a toxic culture and how to create positive change.


Hear from DH Coach|sultants, Kelsey Lotus Wong and Ron Mandel, as they team up with Briana Nguyen, DH Community Cultivator, to share insight into WHY cultures become toxic and WHAT to do about it! 






What will you gain? 

  • Learn why cultures become toxic and discover how to recognize the signs.
  • Explore tips and insights with our Coach|sultants on what to do in your organization to create positive change.
  • Dive into real-life examples of successful cultures and see how they are making a difference.
  • Gain a few actionable takeaways to start creating a healthier, happier culture for your team.
  • Plus, a live Q&A from attendees.



The live webinar HAS ENDED, BUT You can

still ACCESS the recorded content.



Together, let's create more change in the world than we ever thought possible.

The live webinar has ended, but you can still access the recorded content...