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Introducing the DHi, Delivering Happiness Index.


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The DHi is designed to measure your workplace happiness as it correlates within the modules of the DH Frameworks. It is based on the Delivering Happiness [DH] Model, which combines 15+ years of experience in culture, 20+ years of research from positive psychology, and the survey design expertise from The Happiness Index to measure your overall happiness at work. 
Take the DHi now!
what is your overall happiness at work
How can you use the DHi for yourself and your organization?
Step 1: Take a culture measurement snapshot today of your individual happiness at work. You will dive into your high's and low's as it relates to each module of our DH Frameworks.
where are you thriving at work?
Step 2: Bring the Organizational DHi to your team to measure your culture across departments and geographical locations. This will provide your workplace with a full snapshot of what's happening within your culture and uncover growth opportunities for your business and your employees.
Step 3: Create a Culture Action Plan [CAP] to work on your culture low points while celebrating your culture high points. Put strategic action behind the data to take your team to the next level.
Step 4: Continue measuring your culture! Take a culture snapshot every 3-6 months to track your growth, individually, and as an organization, so you can continue improving your workplace to achieve the highest standard of happiness for your employees, customers, and community.
It's time to start positively moving the needle on your culture to create a happier workplace full of passion, purpose, and profits for your organization!
The Individual DHi is free to take, and you will gain your personalized individual report in about 10 minutes. Take the first step today, and start measuring your happiness level. What will you discover? 


Take the DHi now!

Would you like more information about the Organizational DHi [Step 2]?
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We're happy to provide you with a sample Organizational DHi report & more information so you can see for yourself the depth of measurement available for your culture across teams, departments, and geographical locations.
It's truly like no other organizational survey on the market! Are you measuring your culture the wrong way?

Create a happier culture for a more profitable business.